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Las Vegas may be the number one tourist destination in the US, but Atlantic City still attracts holiday families from around the country and the world.

The local food scene is a place that aims to serve delicious food to a wider population as the city develops and changes. Last week we had a chance to sample some of these delicious appetizers at the most popular restaurants in Atlantic City New Jersey.

The really cool thing is that it's begged with Oscar the Grouch's signature blue cheese ranch sauce, added to grilled asparagus. You can take a slice to pour the blue cheese and ranch over the top for a winning combination of flavors.

Two of the most popular forms of food come together in the form of pizza, where tacos are stacked on top of pizza. In the Iron Room, you can forget about the udon mac and cheese, made with udon noodles. Their specialty is Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and you have to try it, whether you get a slice or a whole cake. Let's combine the joys of these two forms of food into one: pizza and mac'n "cheese.

Ana Salazar from El Salvador This colourful restaurant serves a variety of dishes, such as Plato's Bloqueado, whose jalapeno cheese is a real hit. If you're hungry, you can get it at Plato's, and it's one of the best pizza bakers in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In addition to Wednesday's distribution, the Food Bank is also partnering with the New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services. Those who also need food or are dependent on food can find partners in FoodBank at / findfood. Sign up for our daily Thrillist email here, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get a feel for good food, drink and fun, and sign up to Eatmail to learn more about food.

Colombian Fabiola Cruz founded Pancho's in 2006, which originally began as an attempt to serve the Latin American chef who left the casino to work, but now her son Joshua Cruz runs the restaurant. You can be sure that the tortillas will be cooked even better, topped with homemade hot sauce, and you can watch everything unfold before your eyes with a live band, so you will be looking forward to the arrival of the new chef Juan Garces. Chef Garce is known for his unique interpretation of traditional tacos such as pico de gallo and guacamole. No matter what iteration you're looking for, the devilish eggs, sugar - glazed bacon and other flexed tacos are absolutely worth seeing.

Before you can get to the table, get up and try to remind everyone else of the restaurants, try them out, call them back and then buy bread and pastries. Fitzick has been in the same family for 123 years and says he makes a wide range of cakes on a whim. I chose the fried chicken waffles from the south, fried whiting and slow-smoked ribs, but don't miss it, "he added. Just forget to see his kitchen and buy bread and pastries, then if you haven't missed it, add a slice of his famous blueberry cake or even a slice of chocolate cake.

The only thing you have to visit is Fralinger's; basically, they just pour pancake batter directly into a deep fryer. A stop for all the fun fare you want is the deep-fried Oreos and the fried cheesecake. Accept the excesses of Atlantic City and get the 1980s version just to see what you get, but one - stop - shop - for - all - the - fairgrounds fare.

You will find it hard to find a place based on food that is easy to get from the sea, but crab cake is offered on many of the restaurant's menus. The restaurant is located on the beach, just a few blocks from the Atlantic City waterfront, and while there are often long waits for take-out orders, the step is to sit down and share a line of entire submarines with your crew.

Take a look at this review and you'll see why this is a must - visit a place in Atlantic City. The Dock Oyster House has been pushing oysters for generations and offers some of the best seafood in New Jersey, as well as a wide selection of other seafood. Despite its proximity to the coast, there is no place that sells fresh seafood like this. You can't leave Atlantic City without visiting this store, and you'll find the original salt water delicious here.

It's worth driving to nearby Linwood to see what makes this pizza a so-called pizza stunt. If your white cake can hold its own, it's definitely worth a look, and if not, it might be worth looking into.

My personal favorite is the White House Special, which is essentially an Italian with extra meat, although I can't go into too much detail because it's made right in the damn house. It starts with peppers and marinara and is so good that you can wash it off with a little olive oil, even if you add sausage to the Holy Trinity.

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