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New Jersey offers the perfect getaway, it is located in the heart of New Jersey, just a few hours from New York City, and it doesn't take long for us to put together the top 10 things to do and see during a visit there. The Jersey Shore has the most beautiful beaches and beaches within a national recreation area as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With more than 1,000 miles of beaches to choose from and plenty of great restaurants and bars, there's plenty of fun to be had in New Jersey.

The Atlantic City Aquarium (AC Aquarium) has a huge 25,000 gallon tank that holds fish from the mid-Atlantic. The site is maintained by the National Park Service (NPS) and the New Jersey Department of Natural Resources (NJDNR) under the leadership of President George H.W. Bush and President Edwin E. Kennedy, which protect areas that are actively protected and managed for migratory birds.

Get up close and personal with the sea creatures at the Adventure Aquarium and visit the floating museum on a guided tour of the New Jersey Battleship. Participants can also visit an art exhibition at the Atlantic City Museum of Art (ACMA). After leaving the art exhibition, visitors can enjoy a walk through the galleries of the museum and a visit to one of the many galleries.

Please contact the Atlantic City Heritage Collections to ensure that your collection is used at least 1 week in advance. You will receive a confirmation of your visit by e-mail within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation e-mail. At least 2 days before the date of the visit and no more than 3 days a week before the date.

Fort Hancock is located at the north end of beautiful Sandy Hook and has been serving as a coastal protection since 1974. Run by the National Park Service, you should visit the Atlantic City Historical Museum and the New Jersey Museum of Natural History. To see the exhibits and learn more about the legacy of AtlanticCity, visit Atlantic City's historic museum, Atlantic City Heritage Collections.

The pier was last restored in 1994 and provides structural and historical support to the Atlantic City Museum of Natural History and the New Jersey Historical Museum. The museum is located on the east side of the city on the corner of Madison Avenue and Main Street and opened to the public in 1992. The museum has expanded its program of modern and contemporary art, opening the Met Breuer Museum on Madison Street in New York's Central Park.

The historic Garden Pier was last restored in 1994 as part of the Atlantic City Museum of Natural History and the New Jersey Historical Museum. Lucy, Lucy was born in the early 18th century in South Atlantic City, now Margate, to a fishing family from South Atlantic County.

Ralph, a decades-old portrait discovered by an Atlantic City family in the crawl room of a house, was given to the museum as a permanent exhibit. Ralph has become so well known in Atlantic City that many will donate their own historical treasures to our museum.

The mission of the Atlantic City Heritage Collections is to preserve and make available items that document the history of Atlantic City. If you are interested in historical research on Atlantic City, we have compiled many resources that you might find helpful, and we use as many of these resources as you might find useful.

This is an exhibition that presents artifacts and photos of the Delaware Bay region in Port Norris, New Jersey. The Museum of New NJ Maritime History is dedicated to preserving, presenting and interpreting the history of maritime industry in the United States and the Atlantic City region, as well as promoting and exhibiting maritime artifacts from the past, present and future of maritime history in New York City.

The John Dubois Maritime Museum, housed in the former Presbyterian Church built in 1852, serves as the John Dubois Maritime Museum, which exhibits maritime artifacts from South Jersey. The parking garage of the Museum of New NJ Maritime History is located at 2200 Fairmount Avenue in Atlantic City, adjacent to the Noyes Art Garage. A wave parking garage adjacent to the Noye Art garage is also available, as is a parking lot on the south side of Fairmont Avenue.

Visitors can enjoy the Atlantic City Aquarium, browse the artisan village shops, charter boats, enjoy fish dishes and browse the artisan village shops.

While Atlantic City casinos are a big attraction, the beach, promenade and other experiences make it ideal for traveling with the family. Besides the arcades, piers and casinos, Atlantic City offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment. Not to be missed are attractions such as the New Jersey Museum of Natural History and the Jersey State Museum. With so much to do at the Watt, you can be in the water for hours if you are traveling with your family and as a tourist.

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More About Atlantic City