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Atlantic City casinos won nearly $3.3 billion from gamblers last year, helped by rising sports and Internet betting, as the seaside resort continues to recover from a mid-decade meltdown that closed five casinos. New Jersey posted a record profit of $668 million, with a shadow over $600 million of that in online betting. The optimism is being driven by an expanding casino market and an increase in the number of casinos in Atlantic City and other parts of the state.

So far this year, casinos and tracks in New Jersey have raised more than $3.3 billion in sports betting and online betting, equaling or surpassing what Atlantic City did in the entire year before the legalization of sports betting in 2010, the first year of the state's new sports betting law, according to an Associated Press report. So far this year, the casino and rail in New York City have raised nearly $2.5 billion, about $1.2 billion less than the previous year.

So far this year, New Jersey's casinos and railroads have raised more than $3.3 billion in sports betting and online betting, about $1.2 billion less than the previous year.

Since the first bets were placed in New Jersey in June 2018, more than $5.8 billion in sports bets have been placed, putting the state on track to lead the emerging market. While Nevada has benefited from the expansion of legal sports betting, with states recording a $1.2 billion increase in the number of sports betting and $659 million in bets placed in November, New Jersey has become the market leader, according to a recent report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Since the first bet on the World Series of Hockey in New York City in July 2017 and the New England Patriots in August 2017, as well as the second bet on the NFL Super Bowl in January 2018 and before the 7th NBA game in March 2018, bets on the sport have exceeded $4.7 billion, putting the state at the forefront of the growing and emerging sports betting markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The former Revel Casino, which ranks last in Atlantic City casino gaming revenue, has moved up to a new place, according to a recent report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. It was a year in which the retail books were at or near the top of the New Jersey sports betting market, which is all the more impressive when you consider the state's poor track record in recent years. Atlantic City has diversified its gambling offering in many ways, with the opening of a new casino in 2015 and the reopening of two more in 2016.

Delaware also offers sports betting, but it is not at all comparable to New Jersey or Las Vegas. We have been following the development of sports betting in the United States for more than a decade, with a particular focus on Atlantic City, New York City and Delaware.

New Jersey, with its agricultural facilities such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas, has served as a model for gambling law in the United States. New Jersey won a case last year in the US Supreme Court that allows all 50 states to offer legal sports betting should they choose to do so, and it will serve as the first state sports betting system in North America for at least the next two years, according to a recent report by the Center for American Progress and the University of California, Berkeley's School of Public Policy, and the Sports Betting Commission of New York and Delaware, among many others.

Shortly after the ruling, Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill legalizing sports betting in New Jersey. Three days later, the first legal bets were made, and in June 2018, he signed the NJ Sports Betting Act of 2018.

Eight of the 10 sports betting sites are in Atlantic City alone, and the Borgata is just an hour from Monmouth Park, making it the first retail sports betting company in New Jersey to add sports betting to its racebook seemingly overnight. With the opening of its new Sports Betting Center in February 2018, BorgATA is gearing up for college and NFL competitions. In addition to existing horse-betting facilities in New York State and New Hampshire, Mon Mouthy Park and Meadowlands have also added sports bookmakers in Atlantic City. Sportsbooks such as Betfair, William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet365 and BetStars also offer their own sports betting clubs and horse racing facilities throughout New Jersey, as well as a number of other sports books.

In addition to the AC casinos, there are three other places where sports betting can be made in New Jersey, such as Monmouth Park Racetrack, Meadowlands Raceway and the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

If you wish to participate in any type of betting in New Jersey, you must be 21 years or older. For more information about sportsbook online sportsbook in New Jersey, please visit the following links: Sportsbook Guide, Sportsbook Finder and Sportsbook Finder.

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